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Don’t let your profits melt away, get a Ti Aged Domain Name.

Domain names registered over 10 years ago are classified (by us) as aged domains. Someone has paid the registration fee for the last ten years and Wayback Machine, the web archive, may even have records of  a previously resident website. Aged domains have value because some search engines use age as part of their algorithms.  They may also have some residual back links which can help and certainly, some of the valuation sites, use age as a key factor in value.

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Grow the green shoots with with a Ti Brandable Domain Name.

If your starting or expanding a business you may need a brand – something catchy and memorable. It does not necessarily have to describe your product or services or be the name of your company  but it should be ‘sticky’. If it is somehow related to what you do then all the better. It is a little difficult to define but you will know a brandable name when you see it !

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The long 2008 business winter is almost over get prepared for a business spring with a Ti Foreign Language Domain Name.

Sometimes all the good names are gone. Sometimes you want to sell in a particular country or market. Look for a foreign These names may turn out to be universal or just specific to one market, none the less they are usually pronounceable, easy to remember, and a fraction of the cost of one/two word domains in English.

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Get sky high revenues from exact matches with a Ti Long exact match keyword Domain Name.

In the past long exact match domains had huge SEO advantages. Those days are long gone never the less, these domains can still have high value in terms of memorability and brandability.  I wish I owned  or

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Premium Domain Name Sales.

Ti  Domain Names has build a Portfolio of Aged and Brandable domain names.  We sell only by negotiation and are happy to discuss pricing either by E-mail or Telephone.

  • The Domains on this site are mostly owned by us and we can give you instant feedback for any of these.
  • We occasionally buy domains as part of our long term Investment Strategy.

All pricing on this site is indicative only and does not represent an offer to sell nor does it guarantee the value of any future sale. A domain name is worth what a buyer is prepared to pay. All other appraisals are opinions and estimates. Some of those are better than others.

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See what you can find.

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